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Review Proceedings without a Record

9th October 2019

  There has been a long-standing problem of missing audio recordings or unclear recordings of arbitration proceedings in the CCMA and in the Bargaining Councils. Despite the implied duty on the CCMA to keep and maintain proper records of arbitration proceedings, it is apparent that there is still a failure to do so. This has…

Progressive Discipline

27th September 2019

  Progressive discipline is about correcting employees’ unacceptable behaviour before immediately resorting to a disciplinary hearing and possibly a dismissal. If an employee breaks a rule, he/she can be issued with a warning, after following a proper process. If the employee commits the same or similar misconduct again, he/she can be issued with another warning…

Payment of Security and Rule 11 Applications in the Labour Court

13th September 2019

  Rule 11 of the Labour Court Rules states: (1)    The following applications must be brought on notice, supported by affidavit: (a) Interlocutory applications; (b) other applications incidental to, or pending, proceedings referred to in these rules that are not specifically provided for in the rules; and (c) any other applications for directions that may…

The importance of negotiating mutual separation agreements

12th August 2019

  THE IMPORTANCE OF NEGOTIATING MUTUAL SEPARATION AGREEMENTS There are many instances where an employer would rather terminate a contract of employment through a settlement agreement than follow the procedures set out in the Labour Relations Act. These agreements are referred to as Mutual Separation Agreements. It is often a cost effective way that allows…

Lease agreement disputes

31st July 2019

  Lease agreement disputes: Disputes often arise between a tenant and the landlord and / or the agent. Various reasons can exist for these disputes, such as the amount of rent due, breach of contract, discounts forfeited, early termination and so on. In this article we will primarily focus on disputes that can arise based…


17th July 2019

  Despite comprehensive labour legislation prohibiting unfair discrimination, it is still a common occurrence in the workplace. Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy is a well-known concept amongst employers and as such employment disputes against pregnant employees are almost always handled with the utmost caution. Regrettably, the same cannot be said for mothers in the…

The Complexity of Discrimination Matters and Their Place in the CCMA

3rd July 2019

  Discrimination is always a touchy subject and it is no different in the sphere of employment law. It can often be more sensitive as there are many personalities at play in a work environment. Employers must ensure that all Employees’ rights are always protected. There is no actual definition of discrimination in South African…

Misconduct outside the workplace

18th June 2019

We have all heard the stories of employees entertaining an important client after hours and then having had “a few too many” or the dispute that arose at work but which escalated to violence after working hours at a spot far from the workplace. The question that arises next is whether these employees can be…

Cannabis is legal now, so why does my Employer have an issue?

4th June 2019

Whilst our law regarding cannabis changed during last year when the Constitutional Court legalized the private use of cannabis, some Employees seem to have erroneously understood that to mean that they should be exempt from disciplinary action by their Employer, if they test positive for cannabis after using it privately, in other words before or…


Du Toit Attorneys Outreach Project

Njabulo Day Care

Njabulo Day Care is a crèche situated in the Far East of Mamelodi, in an area called Alaska. The Day Care Centre currently has sixty children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years and is owned and operated by Betty Cele at her residential premises.

Alaska is an informal settlement that is affected by poverty, unemployment, woman and child abuse, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. The majority of working females in the area are employed as domestic workers and a small percentage work in the retail industry, however the rest are unemployed.

Due to the circumstances that parents in the area are faced with, not all parents are able to afford the monthly school fees of R200.00 and therefore Betty Cele relies on support from donors to keep her day care running to ensure the best possible pre-school education for the children.

Du Toit Attorneys is sponsoring the Day Care’s meals as many children go to the Day Care without having eaten anything in the morning.



Christmas Party

Njabulo Day Care

As Christmas 2017 was approaching, we asked all of our clients, colleagues, family and friends to commit to donating a Christmas Shoebox for each child, containing the following new items:

  • An Outfit
  • A Toy
  • A pair of shoes

We quickly managed to arrange a box for each child and on 6 December 2017, we attended Njabulo Day Care to hand out the shoeboxes as well as enjoy their Christmas party with them.  We also enjoyed a braai, which is an unusual event that side of Mamelodi which made quite an impression.  Father Christmas was also there and each child was immensely overjoyed with their shoeboxes and a day filled to the brim with fun and laughter. We have never seen 60 children being blessed in such a short space of time. This began an annual event that was repeated in December 2018 and that we will continue.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at
the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’

- Galatians 6:9

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