Follow up: Finally Achieving Justice

We previously posted two articles regarding this matter, the first titled “Unethical lawyers and the Dangers of Working with Them” and a follow up to that.

As a quick recap it should be noted that our client (the employee) was awarded R 120 000.00 in an Arbitration award. We issued a Writ of Execution and instructed the Sheriff to attach goods to satisfy the amount in the Writ. During this process a Security Bond was handed to the Sheriff. The Security Bond therefore interrupted the attachment. Upon closer inspection of this Security Bond we noticed several irregularities, and discovered that the attorney who signed the Security Bond was struck off the attorneys roll two years earlier. We thereafter wrote a letter to the employer to request payment of the arbitration award i.e. R 120 000.00. After receiving no response to our letter, we had no other option but to instruct the Sheriff to continue attaching movable goods and then to sell these in order to satisfy the amount in the Writ.

As soon as the Sheriff started attaching the goods, the employer sent him a letter wherein they showed proof that the Company had paid R 40 000.00 into the Sheriff’s trust account. They also undertook to pay the outstanding amount of R 80 000.00 during September 2018. We are awaiting proof of this from the Employer and/or the Sheriff’s office.

After working tirelessly and consistently on behalf of our client we are optimistic that she will finally be getting justice against her previous Employer!