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Lease agreement disputes

  Lease agreement disputes: Disputes often arise between a tenant and the landlord and / or the agent. Various reasons can exist for these disputes, such as the amount of rent due, breach of contract, discounts forfeited, early termination and so on. In this article we will primarily focus on disputes that can arise based…

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  Despite comprehensive labour legislation prohibiting unfair discrimination, it is still a common occurrence in the workplace. Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy is a well-known concept amongst employers and as such employment disputes against pregnant employees are almost always handled with the utmost caution. Regrettably, the same cannot be said for mothers in the…

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The Complexity of Discrimination Matters and Their Place in the CCMA

  Discrimination is always a touchy subject and it is no different in the sphere of employment law. It can often be more sensitive as there are many personalities at play in a work environment. Employers must ensure that all Employees’ rights are always protected. There is no actual definition of discrimination in South African…

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