Please note that our Firm has prepared a Return to Work Policy, a Workplace Plan and various other documents that can be used during Level 4 and Level 3 of the Risk Adjusted Strategy. These documents are in line with the various Lockdown Regulations and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations that have been issued by the Government.





These Regulations contain information that must be implemented by all businesses when they return to work during Level 4 and Level 3 and therefore these documents are needed by all businesses who are re-opening in order to comply with the Regulations.


Please also see below a brief description of each document:
1. The Return to Work Policy: This document is a general COVID-19 Policy. This document contains information on the spread of COVID-19, the process an employer is to follow should it be suspected that an employee has COVID-19 at the workplace, as well as a visitors and employee questionnaire in order to assess the risk of these visitors / employees entering the workplace.

2. Workplace Plan: This document will be used to determine the amount of phases that the Employer will use to re-open his / her business as well as how many employees will return to work during each phase. This document also contains a summary of the steps the employer has taken to ensure that its workplace is safe for its employees and clients. In this document the Compliance Officer is appointed. Note that the Regulations that were issued require the appointment of a compliance officer. Please keep in mind that certain information is required by law, as per the Regulations, such as the fact that all employees must be issued with 2 cloth masks, the appointment of the compliance officer, the rules in regards to social distancing, as well as the procedure to follow should it be suspected that an employee is ill with COVID-19 at the workplace.

3. Detailed employer responsibilities: This document will assist you to do an inspection for any potential risks in the business.

4. The checklist: This is a helpful document to ensure that your business has all the necessary documents and procedures in place.

5. Minutes of the meeting: Again this can be used should you have a meeting with your staff regarding the implementation of the various safety measures.

6. Warrant / Appointment Letter: This document will assist you to formally appoint the Compliance Officer.

7. The use of company vehicle document: Should your business allow employees to make use of a company vehicle this document will be useful as it explains the procedure the driver of such vehicle must follow in order to keep the vehicle clean during the COVID-19 pandemic.

8. The PPE register: This is a form that can be used when any PPE is given to your staff such as masks, gloves etc. The employees can sign to acknowledge receipt thereof.

9. Visitors register: This document can be used to record all visitors to the workplace and record their temperature.

10. Visitors / employee questionnaire: This document can be used by visitors to your work place as well as to staff to ensure that they have not come into contact with any possible COVID-19 patients or recently travelled to a high risk area.

11. An acknowledgement form that can be sent to employees when they receive the Workplace Plan and the Return to Work Policy. This document will indicate that all employees have read and understood these documents.

Lastly, we also have two examples of signs that can be used and put up in your workplaces, should you not already have signs up. These signs relate to the wearing of masks and the use of sanitizers.

These are expertly drafted to suit your workplace.

Noelene Oeschger