The matter was settled in the amount of R607,989

Settlement Facilitated by the Firm


Our Client was called to a disciplinary hearing in late 2015. We applied for and successfully acquired legal representation for her at the commencement of the hearing. Our Client was facing 6 charges each having numerous sub-sections to them. The charge sheet was 9 pages long and also contained annexures. Later a supplementary charge sheet was handed to our Client containing a further 2 charges. It was therefore an incredibly complex matter.


Our involvement

The hearing was set down for 2 days. The Employer made use of Counsel and the Chairperson was also an advocate and acting judge. On the second day, after hearing only opening statements by the parties’ respective legal representatives, the matter became settled.


The matter was settled in the amount of the amount of R607 989.86 which included our Client’s pro-rata bonus.