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Misconduct outside the workplace

18th Jun 2019

We have all heard the stories of employees entertaining an important client after hours and then having had “a few too many” or the dispute that arose at work but which escalated to violence after working hours at a spot far from the workplace. The question that arises next is whether these employees can be…

Cannabis is legal now, so why does my Employer have an issue?

4th Jun 2019

Whilst our law regarding cannabis changed during last year when the Constitutional Court legalized the private use of cannabis, some Employees seem to have erroneously understood that to mean that they should be exempt from disciplinary action by their Employer, if they test positive for cannabis after using it privately, in other words before or…

Delays caused by the applicant in review proceedings

20th May 2019

There are various instances whereby the Applicant, generally the Employer, delays review applications in an attempt to frustrate the Respondent. The Labour Appeal Court (LAC) in Macsteel Trading Wadeville v Francois van der Nerwe and Others recently examined the undue delay in review applications. In this matter, NUMSA instituted proceedings to review an arbitration award.…

Fixed term contracts and when they can be extended

9th May 2019

We recently had an arbitration at the CCMA based on section 198B of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995, as amended (the LRA). Section 198B of the LRA deals with fixed term contracts for employees earning below the earnings threshold. The Government Notice No. 531, which was published in the Government Gazette 37795 dated…

Delays in Review Proceedings

30th Apr 2019

An application for the review of an arbitration award under Section 145 of the Labour Relations Act (LRA) 66 of 1995 was intended to be a swift remedy for an Applicant. Regrettably, this is not always the case and it is for this reason that Section 145(6) of the LRA must be highlighted. Section 145(6)…

Depression – A Disability?

28th Mar 2019

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group explains: New South African research involving over 1 000 employed/previously employed workers or managers in the country now proves depression is not just a bad mood. Although respondents showed a poor awareness of cognitive symptoms, 74% of them reported experiencing one or more of the following the last…

Prescription of Arbitration Awards

18th Feb 2019

Section 11 of the Prescription Act 68 of 1969 deals with the periods of prescription in relation to legal matters. They range from 3 years to 30 years. Section 12 of the Prescription Act explains when prescription begins to run in a matter. Section 12 (1) specifically states that: “Subject to the provisions of subsections…

Dismissal or Unfair Labour Practice

18th Feb 2019

We are often asked the difference between a dismissal and an unfair labour practice. This article aims to clear up any confusion you may have. A dismissal is as a result of, if done procedurally correctly, a disciplinary hearing whether for misconduct or a no fault dismissal for incapacity or ill health. An unfair labour…

Failure to Renew a Fixed Term Contract

18th Feb 2019

Our firm recently had a client approach us who is a teacher. In 2017 he was appointed on a fixed term contract for 6 months. After the initial 6 months our client’s fixed term contract was extended for another 6 months. When the school year started in 2018 he was put on the teaching roster…

Du Toit Attorneys Outreach Project

Njabulo Day Care

Njabulo Day Care is a crèche situated in the Far East of Mamelodi, in an area called Alaska. The Day Care Centre currently has sixty children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years and is owned and operated by Betty Cele at her residential premises.

Alaska is an informal settlement that is affected by poverty, unemployment, woman and child abuse, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy. The majority of working females in the area are employed as domestic workers and a small percentage work in the retail industry, however the rest are unemployed.


Due to the circumstances that parents in the area are faced with, not all parents are able to afford the monthly school fees of R200.00 and therefore Betty Cele relies on support from donors to keep her day care running to ensure the best possible pre-school education for the children.

Du Toit Attorneys is sponsoring the Day Care’s meals as many children go to the Day Care without having eaten anything in the morning.


Christmas Party

Njabulo Day Care

As Christmas 2017 was approaching, we asked all of our clients, colleagues, family and friends to commit to donating a Christmas Shoebox for each child, containing the following new items:

  • An Outfit
  • A Toy
  • A pair of shoes

We quickly managed to arrange a box for each child and on 6 December 2017, we attended Njabulo Day Care to hand out the shoeboxes as well as enjoy their Christmas party with them.  We also enjoyed a braai, which is an unusual event that side of Mamelodi which made quite an impression.  Father Christmas was also there and each child was immensely overjoyed with their shoeboxes and a day filled to the brim with fun and laughter. We have never seen 60 children being blessed in such a short space of time. This began an annual event that was repeated in December 2018 and that we will continue.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at
the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.’

- Galatians 6:9

Our clients include:

University Professors, CEO’s, Senior Executives, Deputy Ministers, employees at the Public Protector,
Senior Mining Engineers and employees in the Office of Deputy Ministers.

We have no fear representing our clients, welcoming any challenge. Our clients are from all levels of employment and walks of life.
Many of our clients have failed relationships with previous attorneys and find a welcome home for their cases with us.

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